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Standing Male Nude

Title Standing Male Nude
Artist Edward Hopper
Markings Dated and signed. Hirschl & Adler label on verso.
Medium Pen and ink on paper
Dimensions 15" x 11" (25" x 21", framed)
Provenance The artist, until 1967; to his widow, Jo Hopper, until 1968; to private collection, until the present
Authenticity Guaranteed by Hirschl & Adler Galleries, 21 East 70th St., New York, NY 10021
Commentary This academic life study attests to Hopper's early technical facility as a draftsman. It is a neoclassical investigation of the figure by a youthful artist in the early years of the twentieth century. His skill in depicting the human body is achieved by close anatomical observation and by varying the weight of lines in the delicate hatching and crosshatching. He achieves an effective play of light and dark shadow on the back and legs as the model stands facing toward the light source in front of him. In keeping with a long-standing academic tradition, his study of nature through the line model positions the subject as the single, central compositional element. RPM
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